How many watts to charge a laptop

How many watts to charge a laptop

How many watts to charge a laptop?

As we all know laptop has become an important gadget in our day to day life. Everyone from schoolboy to professional workers uses a laptop for their work as it should be designing or office work or education purposes or anything.

Watts required is different for different gadgets. If we talk about laptops then usually a 15-inch laptop requires about 60 Watts.

Factors for Watt consumption

In the case of Laptops, watt consumption depends on 4 factors.


How many watts to charge a laptop

CPU is the heart of a laptop which consists of various internal parts. It is responsible for running any application which you use.

CPU with good internal parts can require minimum power while CPU with bad internal parts requires maximum power.

A quality laptop with good CPU uses fewer watts as compared to a local laptop. A local laptop has weak components that drain the battery very fast and indirectly it consumes more watts.

Always focused on buying a quality laptop so that it can enhance your work life.


How many watts to charge a laptop

An adapter is a device that allows the connection between two electronics systems. Because of an adapter, we are able to charge a laptop. There are different adapters for different laptops depends on laptop sizes.

As 15-inch laptop needs 65 watts adapter whereas 17-inch needs 90 watts adapter. Due to this variation power consumption is also different like big adapter needs more power whereas a small adapter needs less power.

Usually, average power consumption ranges from 60-90 watts.

Integrated Graphics

How many watts to charge a laptop

If you guys don’t know this is the major factor that is draining your battery. Because of this Graphic card, you are able to run heavy software. They also enhance your screen resolution and clarity.

Consumption of power at the time of charging gets affected due to the graphics card because it demands the battery for more power due to this adapter has to work more.

Such a situation creates tension between the adapter and the battery that is why overheating happens and it decreases the life span of a laptop also.

Screen Size

Screen size plays an important role in watt usage, as the big screen size laptops use more watts as compared to small screen size laptops. The backlit keyboard also affects watt usage.

Basic Tips for Charging

The following are some important steps that you have to follow to increase your laptop life span.

  • Never overcharge your laptop.
  • Don’t wait for the complete end of charging always connect the charger before it goes down the 10 percent charging.
  • Try not to use a laptop during charging.
  • If you are working on a laptop and your laptop gets overheated then stop working on it and turn off your laptop and wait for is it normal.


The answer to the question of How many watts to charge a laptop is very simple.

You have to understand that no matter how many watts does a laptop use you should try to minimize the load on the battery.

If you follow this procedure, it will your laptop an extra life which eventually gives you a long-lasting battery.

I hope I have solved your problem and if you have any doubts related to this topic then comment down below. It will be my pleasure to solve your problems.




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