[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

How to earn money in Delhi

We all know that Delhi is the capital of our country India. And also knows that it comes under the most expensive cities to live in. So to live the lifestyle we have dreamed about we need to have some extra income apart from our normal income.

So in this article, I will guide you to How to earn money in Delhi in easy and best ways. There are various ways to make money but I will show you the best and easy ways to earn money in Delhi and from these ways you are able to create long term wealth.

So let’s start with one by one topic, to know How to earn money in Delhi

1) Start a Youtube Channel

How to earn money in Delhi

We are known for the fact that Youtube is the second most search engine after google so think from this perspective this topic has great potential to earn money.

If you if have knowledge regarding any field and able to deliver it then you can easily earn money through youtube.

To Start a Youtube channel you need a camera or a mobile phone with a camera. Suppose if you have an interest in the Blogging field then you should teach blogging on youtube. Make channel related to your interest otherwise, it will be hard for you to run a youtube channel.

If you want to become successful in this field you need to do is upload videos on a regular basis with the right information, and the most important factor is to keep patience with you.

After starting a channel you directly not get a large number of views but after your one video gets viral and you will earn a lot of subscribers and after that journey becomes easy for you.

There are many YouTubers in India who are earning in lakhs like carryminati, bb ki vines, Technical Guruji, etc. Follow the above guide and over the time you also able to earn huge money.

2) Start a Blog

How to earn money in Delhi

Nowadays, Blogging is becoming one of the professional ways to earn huge money.

If you have writing skills then your most welcome in this field. Having enough knowledge regarding any field then the only thing which you have to do is give knowledge regarding that field to the needy peoples who need that knowledge.

To start a blog you need a domain name and hosting, which is free of cost provided by Google through its product called Blogspot. Don’t copy other bloggers. Work on your passion (interested niche) and do proper keyword analysis and over the time your blog also starts ranking on top.

Start writing an article on a daily basis for a few months with proper keyword research and you will see you get traffic on some post.

After getting enough traffic you can monetize your website through Google AdSense from this way you can make money through blogging. Your earnings depend on traffic so try to increase traffic by doing proper SEO (on-page and off-page).

There are many bloggers in India who are making more than 50 lacs per month through blogging. If you are interested in this field apply a proper strategy and make money.

This is one of the easy ways for How to earn money in Delhi.

If you want to more information about blogging visit this article.

3) Affiliate Marketing

[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

In Affiliate Marketing basically you to need to sell companies product through promotion. The companies want to expand their business so for expansion they are trying every possible way.

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the ways through which they are promoting their business and in return, they are giving commission to the Affiliate Marketer.

Commission rates depend on the type of product, they are giving commission rate from 1% to 10%. Every e-commerce companies use an affiliate program to increase their sales.

To start an Affiliate Marketing you need to create an account with those companies promote their products and make money. To promote their products you need your website with a good amount of traffic, so the conversion is also good.

I will give you some company’s names who are also running an affiliate program like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

This niche has great potential, there are many affiliate marketers who are earning in crores. So if you also want to earn money join them and make some good wealth.

4) Online Tutoring

[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

If you have a good command over any subject and have good teaching skills then you should definitely try this. Suppose you have a good command over 10th standard subjects. You could give online tuition to them and make some extra income.

It’s very easy to teach 10th standard subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, etc. In this field, demand is more and supply is less there are very less number of teachers who are willing to teach online. So grab this opportunity as early as possible and make some money.

There are many institutes who require a teacher to teach their students online and in return, they are giving you a handsome salary on a per hour basis. This salary starts from Rs 500 per hour.

I will give some institutes name from where you can start your online teaching journey.

I hope so you will also make money through online tutoring.

5) Freelancing

[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

If you want to make money from your skills then definitely you should try this field. Skills like writing, marketing, video editing, SEO expert, etc.

There are many websites like fiver, Upwork, etc which are giving you an opportunity to work as a freelancer. You have to create an account on this website to get gigs. Basically they called work as a gig.

This website giving you $5 for 1 gig. Only the thing you need to keep on mind is that provide them work on time so that you will get more gigs in the future.

This is an easy way to make money online.

6) Earn Money by Writing Article

[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

If you have good writing as well as grammar skill or can you write articles related to travel, lifestyle, technology, etc? then you have a good scope in this field.

Nowadays, people are taking this field as a full-time career. Some students and (9 to 5) job workers and housewives are also doing this as a part-time job.

There are various Companies and Bloggers who want writers to write articles for them. A newly content writer get Rs 250 to Rs 500 per article. Over the time as you get experienced in this field Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per article.

I hope you get a clear idea about article writing work.

So in this guide, I have given you a total of 6 Best ways for How to earn money in Delhi.

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Now it’s your time to take action 

[6 Best Ways] How to earn money in Delhi

If you want to work for one of the above topics and  If you don’t implement these things then your dream about earnings will never come into reality.